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Advance Numerology Course

Advanced Numerology Course in Chandigarh

Are you looking for an advanced numerology course in Chandigarh? Want to learn about numerology but don’t know from where? Then your quest comes to an end because you’re at the right place!

Searching for an advanced numerology course cannot be less than a complicated task. And even if you find one, you must be assured that it will help you gain the right and in-depth knowledge of the field. But don’t worry, here we are with the top numerology course in Chandigarh.

A Dive Into Numbers and Numerology

It has been a long time since when numbers have been considered powerful and mystical. It is believed by many that these hold hidden meaning into the future and these numbers carry the answer to some of the specific challenges and events in your life.

Numerology is the belief that numbers and events have a mystical relationship. It is an aspect of astrology and is an ancient practice. It is the study of the relationship majorly between numbers and events but also circumstances and personalities associated with them. It is a versatile practice used in predicting the future, analyzing relationships, understanding personalities and traits and making significant life decisions.

Numerologists believe that numbers are more than random symbols. It carries an energy that can affect our lives in various ways. Thus, it uses symbolic interpretation and mathematical calculations to interpret the vibrations of the numbers and understand their hidden meanings. It is commonly used as a tool of personality development, and psychology for self-help and self-improvement.

Top Numerology Course in Chandigarh

If you’re fascinated by the world of numbers and their possible impact on our lives, then this journey of understanding numbers can be rewarding. And when it comes to learning such an interesting subject, nothing is better than learning it from an expert professional. Jasmine, an expert with the experience of 12 years can help you unlock the secrets of numbers.

Jasmine is a numerologist, a tarot card reader, a candle magic specialist, an astrologer and a past life regression therapist as well. She is well known for her modalities which include reiki, cosmic, pranic and theta healing. With her psychic skills, she has transformed the lives of many and helped them follow a good path in their life.

Jasmine has written many books like ‘Tarot by Jasmine Jazz’, ‘Magical Numbers’, ‘Past Life and Karmas’, ‘Aristocratic Tarot’, ‘Magic With Spells’ and ‘Angel’s Blessing’ which shows her knowledge in the field. She is known on national as well as international levels for her expertise in many modalities. She helps people with her learning on her platform named ‘ The Cosmic River’.

What Sets Apart Jasmine And The Cosmic River From Others?

The Cosmic River offers the top numerology course in Chandigarh. This is because we specialize in Vedic numerology which uses the vibrations of numbers to understand and reveal details of a person’s personality and life path. Our, Our services are designed in a way that can help you understand your journey by making informed decisions about your life, career and your health.

At Cosmic River, we provide our clients with the highest and most accurate information. Based on this information, you can make better and improved decisions in your life by leading a fulfilling life. No matter if you’re facing any specific challenges or want to dive deep into numerology, we always have something to offer. Our services mainly include:

Numerology Readings

Our experienced numerologists provide you with precise and personalized reading using Vedic numerology. We consider your name, date of birth and other important factors that reveal the hidden patterns and vibrations that influence your life.

Numerology Horoscopes

If you want to discover the reasons behind the challenges and issues you’re facing in your life, Numerology Horoscope can help. Numerology Horoscope is a detailed analysis that deals with your numbers and what current astrological influence they have in your life.

Numerology Predictions

If you want to look into your future or any upcoming future event, our Numerology Predictions can come in handy. Based on the numbers related to your life, it provides support and guidance in areas of life including relationships, finances, love and career.

Our Numerology Course

Our advanced Numerology course will help you understand the core numbers and their influence on your life. It will help you understand that each number is valuable and carry energy with itself. This course is for 15 days. Here is a part of its syllabus:

  • What is Numerology?
  • Types of Numerology?
  • What is Chaldean numerology?
  • Formation of no
  • Numbers nature
  • Combination of number
  • Compatibility between face number
  • Health issues
  • Friend and enemy no
  • Missing no
  • Multiple no
  • Karmic no
  • Master no
  • Chaldean numerology
  • Calculation of personal year number and personal month
  • Interpretation


Whether you’re a beginner looking to dive into numerology and understand its nuances or an expert practitioner willing to seek advanced knowledge, an advanced numerology course can always meet your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step and unlock the mystery of numbers with this top numerology course in Chandigarh!

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