Yes or No Tarot Reading - Get Best Answers to your Questions

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Yes or No Tarot

Yes or No Tarot Reading – Instant Answers to your Questions

Tarot cards are one of the most efficient tools for accessing your own intuition. They can assist you in getting rapid answers to queries because they provide a straightforward yes or no answer with a single card.

Learning the unique meaning of each tarot card can be tough with so many to select from. This is particularly accurate if you are a new tarot reader.

What Is a Yes or No Tarot Spread?

A yes or no tarot spread is a simple reading choice meant to answer a yes-or-no question. Anyone may do this type of reading, even if they know nothing about the tarot. “However, as various other tarot unfolds, it doesn’t offer an in-depth analysis of a situation,” she notes.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll be asked a Yes or No question at some point throughout your Tarot card reading career. Even if you’re not a Tarot expert, you’re definitely inspired to ask personal Yes/No questions from time to time. So, let’s practice five sure-fire techniques to offer a Yes or No Tarot card reading.

But first, let’s address a recurring question: should we perform a Yes/No Tarot card reading in the very first place?

The Unpredictable Nature of Yes or No Tarot Card Readings

There is great controversy about whether Yes or No readings work effectively with Tarot, as some well-known Tarot readers question their accuracy.

Here’s my take: the future is not fixed, and you are its architect.

Sure, we can acquire an exact Yes or No at one point in time…However, as time passes, we express our free will, and make other judgments, and that Yes or No can easily flip flop.

Yes/No questions might potentially limit the depth of the message. The beauty of Tarot is that it reveals what is behind a situation, the surrounding energy and influences, and the best measures you can take to either keep the course or change direction. Unexplored Yes/No responses can be rather restrictive.

How Does Reading Work?

You can approach a yes or no reading in a variety of ways, depending on your familiarity with the cards in a tarot deck. We’ll go into the method step by step later, but in essence, this type of reading entails presenting your query and picking cards until a “yes,” “no,” or even “maybe” emerges.

She uses the aces of the deck (the aces of cups, wands, pentacles, and swords) to symbolize a yes, though your yes cards may alter if you have personal connections or intuitive feelings towards certain cards. Because so much of a tarot reading is based on intuition, you can be quite flexible.

And, while these spreads aren’t intended to provide finer details, rather than a basic yes or no, they’re still a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for clarity on a specific subject.

Getting Ready for The Reading

It’s a good idea to set the environment and get into a good headspace before completing any tarot reading.”In most cases, you can take a few moments to relax, meditate, and think about your question.”

Moreover, write down your question to ensure that you ask it in a clear and direct manner. Though yes or no readings are often specific, you should be clear with your question.

After that, you can shuffle your cards while focused on your query. Whenever you’re ready, then cut the cards in half and start arranging them up to 13.”

Continue reading for the step-by-step yes or no reading procedure.

How to Perform a Yes/No Tarot Reading:

  1. Pull cards face-up in a pile one by one until an ace appears or you’ve taken out 13 cards without having an ace.
  2. Begin a second heap to the right of the first, and repeat the process until you’ve retrieved an ace or collected 13 cards.
  3. You’ll continue this process with a third pile to the right of the second heap. Draw cards until an ace arrives or until you’ve pulled 13 cards.
  4. Yes, if three aces emerge, the question is answered.
  5. The answer is no if no aces arrive.
  6. If two aces appear, the answer is probably, but you could possibly need to exert some effort to bring the subject to the fulfillment, or the situation may be developing and isn’t yet certain.
  7. The answer is “likely not” if only one ace is found; nonetheless, there is still a chance.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes we have questions that necessitate a thorough tarot spread to cover a number of moving aspects. Other times, we have a straightforward question for which we need an answer. In the latter scenario, a yes-or-no spread can provide immediate insight, which you can utilize to help direct your next line of action.

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