The Role of Astrology in the Matchmaking Process

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The Role of Astrology in the Matchmaking Process

What Is Astrology?

Astrology studies how celestial objects affect both the natural world and human events. It examines and interprets celestial bodies like the sun, moon, planets, and stars, their motions and positions, and their interactions with the Earth.

What Is Astrology Used For?

Astrology is frequently used as a tool for self-discovery and personal guidance. Astrologers use it for various purposes:-

  • Horoscopes
  • Prediction
  • Kundli matchmaking
  • Match-making by astrology signs

How Do Astrology and Prediction Work Together?

Astrology uses one’s birth chart to make predictions and prepare horoscopes. Astrologers can make predictions based on the birth chart or the positioning of planets and stars at a particular time. Horoscopes are personalized interpretations of the position of celestial bodies in a person’s chart at a specific time. They can tell about future opportunities, problems one might face in the near future, traits, love life, life path, etc.

How Does Astrology Help in Matchmaking?

Astrology and date of birth are really important in the matchmaking process, as the approach of matchmaking is based on the birth chart, also called Janam Kundli. Kundali is the crown of human life, and marriage is a crucial aspect of life. Kundali plays a vital role in life.

This chart contains the positions of the planets & stars at the time of one’s birth. Astrologers use the birth chart to learn more about a person’s personality, marriage or love life, and possible future developments. Using this data, more precise choices are feasible to be made by matchmakers to assist people in finding compatible partners, which is also called Kundli matchmaking. Certain families first match the Kundli before deciding anything regarding marriage.

Astrology by Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are often looked at for dating and marriage to find compatibility between partners; some signs complement one another better than others. Astrologers also use this method for matchmaking and for finding compatible partners. For instance, an Aquarius and a Gemini are compatible because they value sociability and curiosity. Similarly, a Gemini and a Virgo are not a good match because of their temperaments. Signs that are different and not a match often have difficulties in the future. They can face issues in communication, love, understanding, etc. These zodiac signs have a significant role to play. Presently, people from overseas are also showing interest in the same and are going through Kundli before marriage.

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